Jan 11, 2019
Shweta Pandey, In recent days I have been on a pilgrimage to the serenity of Melbourne. And with the emergence of being elvish ATMC has given me an experience to add more fun to my bucket list. All students at ATMC were invited for a trip to HEALSVILLE SANTUARY, so we commenced our journey and started heading towards destination in a deluxe bus. All the students were rejuvenated with the idea and started singing songs and playing games in the bus to make the trip more adventurous.

What could be a better & thrilling experience then falling in love at first sight, I guess nothing. That is what happened to me as soon as I crossed the security check and entered the Healesville Sanctuary Park. We were truly mesmerized by all the zones, which were as beautiful as it can be. With ample water and flora and fauna the place was a paradise. Our guide told us that bushes around the streams are the ideal place to catch the wild majestic. I would love to mention that during our visit we were able to witness Australian species, the kangaroo, platypus and koalas where we got ample of opportunity to grab perfect photographs. Seeing them all in just one visit to Healesville Sanctuary Park was sheer and we all were astonished to see the wonderful creatures in just one go.

The fun continues with a fully guided tour of the sanctuary topped off with seating at the renounced spirits of the sky free-flight bird show. This show is a free flight presentation featuring Australian raptors such as the Wedge Tailed Eagle, and colourful parrot species. We have been fortunate to witness an incredible display. The bird show is the highlight as they swoop and dive just above your heads - kites, owls, etc. Quite a spectacle. We spent a lot of time at the ‘Land of parrots’ aviary where you can feed the parrots and budgies.

Also, the reptile show was an opportunity to touch and learn about monitor lizards, blue tongues, pythons. It was less popular than the bird shows in terms of crowd numbers, so you can touch most of the reptiles on show. We were thrilled to spend time with kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, wombats and all their cuddly marsupial relatives, but we were also blown away by all the animals that we had never heard of before. We spent an entire day here as there was much to see.

Being a wildlife lover, I fully enjoyed the dense vegetation all over and would love to be a part of more trips organised by ATMC.

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