Nov 5, 2018
by Priya Ganesh, There is nothing more central to our lives than our understanding of spirituality.

“You can’t buy me.” said Mr. H to the goldsmith, “even with all your wealth!”

“You can’t buy me.” said Mr. H to the millionaire, “even with all your assets!”

“You can’t buy me.” said Mr. H to a gorgeous woman, “even with all your beauty!”

“But why would anyone buy you Mr. H?” asked Raman, a curious little boy. You are there everywhere ……when my mom cuddles me, when my dad kisses me, when my teacher appreciates me and when my friends rejoice with me. You are awesome Mr. H!”

“Very true. People desperately search for me but, because I am so simple, inexpensive and abundantly available people overlook me and even fail to recognize me!” exclaimedMr. Happiness to the inquisitive young child.

Our SDSS (Sanathana Dharma SatsangSamithi), facilitates the realization of this happiness which is the spiritual experience of living every moment with grace, love and gratitude. Under the guidance of Dr. Venkatesh Gunda, we devoteesfrom over twenty families have been treading this spiritual path together for over 10 years now. As a culmination of our monthly Satsang sessions, we have an annual spiritual retreat at “Satyananda Yoga Ashram” in Rocklyn. During this one and half hour drive from Melbourne we experience ourselves getting closer and closer to nature as we eye lots of farms, mountains, lakes and greenery. With these scenic views, our thoughts become serene and calm, in preparation for the spiritual experience awaiting us at the Ashram’s placid environment.

Connecting with nature, is the first step towards realizing our true self and our annual spiritual retreat provides us a perfect opportunity to discover more about the divinity in ourselves and others. We engage in spiritual conversations, do yoga, share our interests and laugh together as one big family — all thanks to the poor network connection at the Ashram- complete absenceof social media!

Our retreats commence with our regular Satsang session, where we recite a few shlokas from the Bhagavad Gita. This is followed by multi-faceted spiritual discussions, which helps us understand and appreciate other’s perceptions &beliefs. Both adults and children contemplate on whatever infinitesimal spiritual concepts they havegraspedduring the monthly sessions throughout the year.Needless to say, this assimilation of thoughts is vital for our spiritual growth and overall well-being. We get assessed for the same, through a written quiz for the young and the old. If you haven’t guessed it by now, children consistently outperform the adults in the quiz and are presented with thought provoking spiritual books.

We then have children presenting on various spiritual leaders from India. It leaves us in awe, to realize the deep devotion our gurus had and the rich cultural heritage we have. We feel a strong urge to take a step back, understand the very essence of Sanathana Dharma and appreciate the values behind it, before we put our hands together to applaud the present scientific/technological achievements.

Next on our schedule,is the MahaMrityunjayahavan  performedregularly in the Ashram on Saturday evenings. This mantra on Lord Shiva, rejuvenates energy, bestows health, wealth,long life, peace and prosperity. It is a vibration that pulsates through every cell, every tissue in our body and rips apartour veil of ignorance.

Our day concludes with Bhajans, which help us to quietenour minds so that our hearts can open upto the eternal divine, enabling us to realize the blissful reality.

Anyone genuinely keen to bring in more awareness in their daily life through spirituality are welcome to contact SDSS by sending across an email to

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