Nov 5, 2018
On behalf of the Victoria Police, I would like to express my best wishes to everyone celebrating Diwali.

While Diwali will be officially observed in Australia on Wednesday 7 November 2018,  wonderful celebrations have taken place prior to this date and will continue onwards throughout November. This festival brings friends, neighbours, and communities together to share the things we value most in life – harmony, peace and understanding.

For many cultures, the new year represents an opportunity for the initiation of new ventures and Diwali is no exception. It is a time to look forward with excitement and hope to an entire new year of opportunity and a time to reflect on how we create a better future.

Victoria Police acknowledges our state’s vibrant multicultural and multi-faith heritage as  valuable assets, representing diversity with an opportunity where we all can live, work and build our ethos with inclusiveness, mutual respect and co-operation.

So let us continue to work together to encourage and promote mutual understanding and acceptance to build a caring, safe and generous society.

—Graham Ashton AM

Chief Commissioner

Victoria Police

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