Oct 8, 2018
It’s been 8 months I have been exploring Australia as a student. What I have come across so far in this city is; the “Aussie” way of life is the envy of the world and with such diversity, it has something for everyone to enjoy. This is a big country, the world’s largest island and the sixth largest nation. Also, been felicitated with world’s most liveable country famous for its landscapes of pristine beaches, tropical islands and rugged outback.

People here are jolly good fellows with a benign smile on their face every time. They believe in earning, even at the age of 80 they spend like a teen ager covering all fun activities.Australians are highly friendly and helping. They love the outdoor life; whether it’s swimming, running, surfing, skating, riding, or just hanging out at the beach, certainly to geta fair share of Vitamin D. With the curiosity of exploring this beautiful country, I have been travelling to plethora number of places including The Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island, Tasmania, Geelong and my never-ending voyage is still in progress.As a student I have encountered that Australia is amongst the most expensive countries in the world; albeit being labour oriented, this country offers ample amount of good jobs with good pay to students. So, if you are planning for education here, try to keep good contact commitments. Australians carry equal esteem for every worker whether you are working as a waiter in a hotel or as a developer for a venerated IT firm. The imperative reason behind this is it is a Labour based country.

Naturally, this country is beautiful with excellent weather conditions. Not many millions or billions of people living here. Exploring Australia should be a must on everyone’s travel Wishlist.

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