Sep 6, 2018
Pravda Parakkal, Beyond INDIA Correspondent Om Shanti!

Q:There cannot be a better salutation or greeting, “peace for everything in this cosmic manifestation”. However, Didi we see around us lot of sufferings that can affect our peaceful state of mind. How will we embrace peace when our fellow beings are in distress?

A: Here, the most important thing is understanding. Second one is how to do it. People around me are unwell. What do I need to do? Understand that only if I am healthy will I be able to take care of them. Some are suffering, and others, instead of radiating the right vibrations to heal the world, are suffering by seeing the others suffering. That creates the collective vibration of suffering. That is not good, not for the one who is creating it, nor for whom it is being created. Suppose you are in pain, emotional or physical and I’m just thinking about you and creating more pain, I am only radiating more pain to you. That does not help you in anyway.

But we meditate for them instead. That’s what we do at the Brahma Kumaris. Meditate collectively every day, but specifically we meditate for world peace on 1st Sunday of every month. Radiating energy of love is the need of the hour.

Q:Can you please explain Raj yoga meditation? What makes it versatile?

A: Raj means ruling. Yoga means connection.  Raj yoga meditation means Rajya over the self or ruler over the self. This in turn means what I seek, what I hear what I watch, everything should be according to my own choice and decision. Sometimes we say,‘I didn’t want to listen to something but spent an hour listening to it’ or ‘I wanted to say something, but I said something else’. These are all signs that I do not have power over myself.

Raj yoga also means connecting to the highest, the God. The understanding that I am the energy that uses this body to play roles and relationships. That energy could be called soul, consciousness, words are many. But the understanding is, that energy or athma, should be connected to the supreme power, which is paramathma.

Raj yoga has nothing to do with religion. It is universal. It gives us the power to connect the world as one family. It helps us to inculcate the religion of the soul, which is of peace love and harmony.

Q:At a time and age when relationships are so fragile, why we are having issues in relationships?

A: Primarily, we need to understand why we are having issues in my relationships. Relationships should be about giving and sharing. It should not be about wanting and seeking. In a relationship, we have to give love and respect.

But today, in every relationship, we are expecting love and respect.  So, if everyone is expecting from the other, who is going to be the giver in the relationship? When we are not nourishing and nurturing ourselves on a daily basis, our power to adjust, power to tolerate and power to accept is reducing. With that, simple relationships become complex.

So relationships are primarily about creating a beautiful relationship with ourselves. If I learn to be at ease, peace and happy, the way I will connect to others will change.  The same way if I am in stress, fear and anxiety, the way I connect with other people will create chaos. Meditation and healing of the self automatically translates into beautiful relationships with others. It is an absolute byproduct of healing the self.

Q:What are the activities of brahma kumaris in Australia?

A: Brahma Kumaris has representation in all major cities across Australia. It has centres in every state, as well as three spiritual retreat venues. There are retreat centres in Melbourne (Brunswick), in Sydney (Blue Mountains) and in Frankston.

We have more than 100 meditation teachers and volunteers who are involved in programmes, administrationand maintenance at each of the Brahma Kumaris centres across Australia.

All the centres and details are available at our website, All the centres offer meditation lesson to everyone as a community service. There is no fee charged for the retreat, meditation, or for any service done by the Brahma Kumaris. Any one is welcome. Just call up the centres, fix a comfortable timing and come for the meditation course.

Q:Since mid-90s Brahma Kumaris has become one of the key developers and promoters of renewable energy in India. How does Brahma Kumaris strive to convert vision into action?

A: Vision of Brahma Kumaris is to create a beautiful new world.   A new world where the religion is of peace. A world where we are all in harmony and a world where the prakriti or nature is in harmony with us. So it is all about the self, the relationship and the relationship with nature.

And for that we do our daily study. Coming to renewable energy, Brahma Kumaris has done pioneering work in solar energy and sustainable energy. At Brahma Kumaris, we largely work with solar energy. We have also developed the world’s largest solar cooking plant.

Q:Didi, we often complain that we have very little time in our hands. How do we give quality time for our inner self and for self-reflection?

A: Quality time has to begin every morning. Begin by taking out 30 minutes to the self every morning. At Brahma Kumaris, before we begin our day, we come to the centre, where we study spiritual principles and meditate for 30 minutes. That is enough to charge ourselves for the day.

It is not about shortage of time. It is more about peace of mind. When your mind is fluttered and stressed, everything takes longer. But if we practice meditation, our mind becomes peaceful and everything we do will take lesser time. When we actually allocate time for ourselves every morning, we will find that we finish our work sooner and will have extra time in hand.

Q:In some of your talks, you talk about paristhithiand swasthithi. Kindly enlighten our readers about this.

A: Paristhithi is situation and swasthithi is state of mind. We normally believe that situation controls our state of mind. If situation is not favourable, we say reacting is normal, anger, fear and stress is normal, worrying is normal. This means, for us,swasthithi is dependent on paristhithi. And, that is not true.

Paristhithi is outside and swasthithi is an internal creation. Swasthithi has the power to influence the paristhithi. If we take care of our mind by daily practice of meditation, when there is a situation or crisis, it is that state of calm and peaceful mind that can influence the situation and guide it towards solution. Therefore, it is not paristhi over swasthithi. But it is swasthithi that should control paristhithi.

Q:How do we overcome ego?

A: Ego is the sign of a weak mind. When we strengthen our mind, humility increases. When humility increases ego decreases. It is a daily practice, just like exercise.

Q:What is the involvement of youth in Brahma Kumaris?

A: We have an International Youth Forum at Brahmakumaris. Figures of the youth associating with Brahma Kumaris would be anywhere between 1 to 2 lacs. And many more now because youth is ready to work on themselves. That time is gone when we used to think retreat and meditation is for people who are over 50, 60. We all know now that that is not true. So, definitely the involvement of youth at Brahma Kumaris is in very high numbers.

Q:What is conscious eating?

A: Food has a very direct impact on our mind. “Jaisa ann, vaisa mann”. Therefore, we choose yogi diet. It means a sathvik diet. It involves cooking the food in a very peaceful space, with a calm mind, offering that food to the supreme power, and serving it with good vibes. We cook the food ourselves and while cooking we take care that our consciousness is very clear. And we meditate with the food.

It is a very simple practice that anybody can do at home. If we take care of the food, we are doing a lot for healing the mind.

Q:Thank you so much for sparing time to enlighten our readers Didi, Let your Australian tour be fruitful.

A: Thank you. Do wonderful work with the media. Use media to empower the world.

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