May 12, 2018
V Thilliar, Most of us would like to live as long as possible, as long as we can maintain our health and enjoy life. You may be surprised to discover that you can add years to your life and health by making just a few changes in the way you live today There are simple steps you can take, and easy lifestyle changes you can make that can have a significant impact on your health and well-being”, says a Harvard University’s Special Health Report.

Our older population is living longer and people aged 65 years and over currently make up l2% of the total world population. This is expected to increase to more than 25% by 205l. From the beginning of recorded history people have been trying to find some way to stay young.

Although many people are busy looking for some pill or tonic, or perhaps some injection to keep them young and happy, they are still unwell even after spending large sums of money. Some people are old and worn out before they are forty years of age, while others are still young and active even at eighty.

Ageing positively includes physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It is not necessary to be free of ill health to age positively. To stay active one must learn to choose a well- balanced diet. Our body needs simple, wholesome foods to build and maintain the highest peak of energy. A diet rich in fruits, greens and whole grains will keep you younger and longer. If you are suffering from certain illness such as diabetes, you must follow the diet prescribed by the dietician.

Regular physical activity keeps us fit and makes us feel good. It can also help fight osteoporosis, impotence, depression and forgetfulness. A cheerful, optimistic attitude is excellent medicine for whatever ails us.

A happy married life provides a favorable environmental factor for longevity. Worry is the worst form of suicide and it is a slow form of self-destruction. Smoking causes heart, circulatory and lung diseases while excess alcohol can damage the liver and the nervous system.

About a third of all elderly people have at least one fall a year and about half of these occur inside the home. Attendance to security and safety issues and modifications inside and outside the home can reduce the risk of injury.

People age well when they continue to contribute and participate in society. Intense mental activity is frequently allied to a very long life. Mental stimulation and learning improve creativity, memory, alertness and sense of wellbeing, especially if done in combination with physical exercise and good nutrition.

Statistics reveal that at least a suitable part-time job even after a person has reached the retirement age prolongs life, whereas the lack of it may shorten the life span. Elderly people need at least six and a half hours of sleep per night after the age of sixty.

Keeping the weight down and having the eyes, ears and teeth checked regularly would save a lot of bother later. Drinking 6 -8 glasses of water a day and maintaining personal hygiene are important for leading a healthy life.

Indulging in spiritualism and meditation and having some hobbies will help to lead a healthy and happy life. Regular medical examinations, good diet, exercise, good company and above all an involvement in living as full a life as possible and making the best use of time that is left can besides adding years to your life will definitely add life to your years.

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