Jan 12, 2018
Brahmrishi Gurvananda Swamy ji (Gurudev) of Tirupati visited Melbourne in first week of December. Hundreds of people attended his programs and got blessed. These programmes were organised as a part of Gurudev’s programmes across Oceania including 5 programmes in New Zealand, 2 in Fiji and 3 in Sydney.

The first program in Melbourne was in Shiva Vishnu Temple’s cultural centre on Sunday 3rd December. More than 300 people attended the programme despite heavy rains. Gurudev explained the meaning of Mandir in this discourse and individually blessed everyone at the end.

The second program was in Sankat Mochan Temple on Tuesday 4th December. Gurudev explained the meaning of word Hanuman and how Hanuman ji is the God who gives success in both spiritual life, by helping us meet Ram, and also in material life, the way he helped Sugreev become the king.

The third programme was in Sai Temple on Wednesday 5th Devcember. Gurudev spoke about Sri Sai Nath’s journey and how we could learn from his life journey to travel internally within us. All attendees present were blessed at the end personally by Gurudev during Meditation.

The programmes were organised by World Spiritual Forum Australia.

About Gurudev

With over 47 years of intense Sadhna (spiritual journey), Gurudev has invoked all Chakras, awakened the Kundalini and acquired Higher Divine Powers. He is using these powers to help thousands of people who are mentally, spiritually and physically in a distressed condition.

Gurudev is a renowned scholar with his in-depth knowledge of the Vedas, Ramayana, Bhagavat Gita, Upanishads, Puranas, Aagam, Guru Granth Sahib and various other religious scriptures.  Apart from his spiritual powers, Shri Gurudev is highly qualified.

As a true Sant, Gurudev travels across many cities and towns across the world and does not stay in a place for a long duration. On visiting different places, he gives discourses and his personal blessings using his Sadhna Shakti (divine powers) to help those in distress and to uplift the souls of all human beings.

To know more about Gurudev’s teachings, monthly programs on Sewa, Siksha and Sadhna please contact us via email wsfaus@gmail.com or call Brij Panwar (0414 937 633) or Rajiv Baheti(0438 017 930)

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