Jan 10, 2017
There are multiple points in life that,we would consider defining.This was one of them. To start with, we 6 friends always keep on going for small trips, but this trip was going to be a life changing we had no idea.Let me tell you how, it was month of August we decided to go to Mahabaleshwar, awesome timing to visit this place close to nature.

We finally arrived in mahabaleshwar everything was going according to the plan,we visited all the beautiful places,it was absolute fun.Then the last & amazing  part of the picnic... ‘Shopping’ we decide to go the next day during are conversation over dinner one of our friend told about an ice cream shop in the market which belonged to his friend,we all decided to have a visit over there. Everybody thought it would be just a normal ice cream shop but when we reached the shop we all were amazed, rather perplexed that how somebody can roll just  milk with some flavour into an ice cream, because since our childhood we all have been eating only scoop ice cream isn’t it.

We all were staring at it with such a magnificent precision that this is wonderful and you won’t believe we all looked at each other and said something like this will be a good idea for us to start our business in Mumbai. “Mumbai” place of innovation and new discoveries we thought people would love something like this, after returning back we all had memories of mahabaleshwar and specially Creamist. This idea got into our head and we finally decide to open this shop. For that we had to speak to the owner and as he was our friends friend, wecalled him for lunch, he explained us all the details about the shop, what is the concept all about and how we can give it a go ahead. After that meeting we 6 finally made up our mind to take this step and after some 15 days we were all busy doing all the preparation for the shop,like finding a proper place,a good architect, who could bring life into the world of ‘roll ice cream’,arranging for all the interior material, coordinating with each other for all small detailing and many small things.

All our friend were like supporting pillar for us they guided us in very step of our new journey. Finally the ‘D’ day arrived and more all today we all were super excited as this is going to be a turning point in our life in two ways first,it was the first time from regular office goers we were becoming “entrepreneur” and second but the best was that our shop was being inaugurated by non other than “Mr.Rajsaheb Thackeray” imagine the tension in all of us, but everything went smoothly and there it was “CREAMIST” inaugurated by Rajsaheb and it was pleasure for us to see him taste the  first live ice cream roll. We all were on our toes attending everyone and basking in that glory.Off all the best memories of the day was to see a beautiful smile on faces of each of our parents and the their loads of blessings. This thing would not have been possible if our parents would not have stood besides us, no matter how big you become,nothing is great than parents blessings the  next close thing to god. Last but not the least we want to thank our parents, friends and everyone who has supported and helped us to reach the place where we want to be. This was absolutely a splendid journey for all of us, and we just pray god to support and bless us so, that we would be working hard to keep every customers of ours happy and satisfied with our work.

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