Aug 12, 2013

Since last some months we are giving answer of your questions regarding vastu Due to the requirement of the readers, we are giving here the article regarding the element of removing the vastu dosh - Pyramid.

Vaastu is practically impossible to apply 100% in today’s life style. It is nearly impossible to adhere to Vaastu in cities and especially metro cities.  Many people wish to use Vaastu but, they have already bought the plot, constructed the house and have come to reside there, they come to know about Vaastu Shasta later. So what should they do? Buy another plot and build a new house according to Vaastu? We know it is nearlyimpossible. But it has the solution named “Pyramid Yantra”, which is a completely new concept, based on mind over matter. The new Pyramid Yantra is specially designed, energized & programmed to correct your place according to Vaastu. So, let’s see how to use this new Pyramid theory practically.

(1) Correction of shape: If your plot shape is irregular then place nine pyramid yantras on each of the four corners as to make a square or rectangle.

(2) Correction for 8 directions & shape: Most powerful method of energizing such a ‘dosha’ is a to place nine pyramid yantras in all the eight directions and nine in the centre in such a way to make your premises rectangle or square.

(3) Correction at Compound Entrance: For removing the ‘dosha’ of wrong entrance place pyramid yantra on each side of the gate, 2 to 2.5 feet away from the gate in the inner side for a small plot and for a bigger plot place nine pyramid yantras at the same distance.

(4) Correction at Brahmasthala: Brahmasthan i.e. centre part of the house is very much important for the stability as it tied the whole plot from the centre.If your plot has no other defect centre part of the plot can be energized by putting 9 pyramids in the centre.

(5) Correction in Placement of Room: If your room has a Vaastu ‘dosha’ place pyramid yantra in the entrance on the outer side room place another one on the same wall corner in the inner side and place one on the opposite wall exactly in front of the entrance door.

(6) W.C. in Wrong Place: Place three pyramid yantras on each outer side of the wall facing the room for protection.

(7) Cut House Corner: Install one pyramid in all the four direction - N, S, E, and W.

(8) Maindoor ‘Dosha’: If the main entrance door is not proper place. A pyramid yantra in the center of the door above the frame and each side of the frame as shown in the figure

(9) Right Angle: According to Vaastu the plot must have all its four angles to be of 90 degree, but this is not always possible. If you have a sharp cornered plot correct its entire corner by placing one or nine pyramid yantras.

(10) Brahmsthala Dosha: There was some irregular shaped plots in which gravitational center, Brahmsthala does not locate in the shape but outside it. In such cases divide the plot in 2 or more parts by creating a symbolic wall of pyramid yantra and then find their individual Brahmasthala. Now, place nine pyramids in the center and one on each corner of the shape. But, if your plot is bigger one place pyramid yantras in multiple.

(11) Complicated premises: For some complicated premises and plots take help of a dowsing tool to find out low energy slot and then balance them with installation of pyramid yantra.

As a general rule if you place one pyramid yantra in every room it gives best effects, clears all minor Vaastu ‘doshas; (if any), brings good luck and reflects bad energies. Installation of Pyramid in a proper way is very important.  By putting the pyramid in a proper way in the house we can remove the vastu dosh and can get good wealth, health and prosperity.

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