Aug 12, 2013

Beyond INDIA is starting a new column from July 2013 where our readers can ask questions to  Pt. Raghawan Battar regarding their problems like not getting job, PR or not getting married etc. etc. Send your questions to and if the question is appropriate then it will be answered in this magazine without mentioning any names

Q: My DOB 22/03/1985. Time 5.00 am approximate Place Onnupuram.India I am planning to buy an additional  property for investment. It will come to my higher limit of my budget.

Please guide me is it right time for me to buy with high budget?


A: I thoroughly checked your horoscope and after the 14th October 2013 to the 11th October 2014 the time is not good for you and Ashtama Sani period is also going for you now so, in this period I would not suggest going over your set budget or aiming for a higher limit. So if you are going to buy investment property I suggest you do it within your budget otherwise wait until after the 11th of October 2014 when there will be improvements in your career, and then you can buy property with higher limit as per your wish.

Q: My question is when i will get my PR (Permanent Residence) I applied last year and already here from last 6 years.waiting too long.please advise and help.

Dob:06 March 1988


Place: nakodar (punjab)


A: I thoroughly checked your horoscope and the lagna is affected by Mars and Saturn. Due to this reason when ever you try do something important it usually gets delayed.  On Saturdays, do archanas for Saturn (lord saneshwara) and light a ghee lamp for Lord Hanuman. If you do this with heartfelt devotion and sincerity you will most likely get Permanent Residency before the 16th of December 2013 with the blessing of Lord Narayana. Also I have come to notice that you have a short temper and if you get this under control you will have a very bright future.

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