Jul 10, 2013

Q.   I want to put fish tank in my house. Which direction is good? Any special things I have to keep in mind regarding this? ( Sydney )

A. Fish tank is very good for the wealth purpose in house. You can put in the south – east direction of your lounge area. You can also use your lucky colours and numbers in designing.

Q. We have purchased house before 1 years. We have also purchased a business at the same time. The business was good before but since last 6 months we are struggling. Can we do any improvement in it using the vastutheory.( Adelaide )

A. Definitely you can. Vastu is the theory which we can use in routine life. When you have purchased your house and residence, if you have planned your interiors as per the basic requirements of vastu, it would give you best result from the beginning. But we generally remember these things when we are in trouble. But it is still not bad. “Late is always better than never”. Your house has different corners for wealth, health, career opportunity, relationship and creativity of children. Take proper guidance and organise all the things of your house in a fantastic way so that it gives you best results. Do the same things for business also because business is the place, from where we can get all the wealth, which plays the most important role in our life.

Q. What is the ideal plot? (Hampton Park)

A. Square and rectangle plot are always good. The magnatic field in the plot should be parallel to the north-south direction. The best facing of the plot is north and east. But you also have to check the surroundings, slope etc. to make it more suitable for living.

Q. Does colour of paint in the interior walls is related to the vastu? (Bayswater)

A. Certainly, Selection of proper colour in each and every room is very important in the vastu. In colour scheme of your house, we use direction of each room, lucky colours of that direction and type of room. We also use lucky colour of each family members. Using all these things, we make colour scheme of your house. We suggest use colour and avoid colour for each room. So you can get good choice of colour selection for your mental peace and prosperity.

Q When will we notice the benefits of vastu after doing the changes in our house and business premises? ( Clayton )

A. When all the interiors are balanced properly using the vastu rules, you will start getting the positive results. You will start getting good opportunities in the business. It is up to you how you utilize these opportunities. I am in this field since many years and no one has complaining me that after doing the changes, they do not get any good result. As this is science, proper use will definitely leads you towards, wealth, health and prosperity.

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