Jun 5, 2013

Q. Can I put the fish tank in bed room. In which direction I can put the fish tank? (Epping)

A. Never think to put the fish tank in the bed room. Any water element is not allowed in the bed room. Fish tank is really good for career opportunity and wealth. As per your drawing of your house, you can put fish tank in the north or south-east corner of the living room or family lounge area. You can put 8 – golden and  1 – black,  total 9 fish in the tank. You can use your lucky colour in the designing of fish tank ( means you can choose stone, picture, top of the fish tank etc. as per your lucky colour.

Q. I have too much interest in the plants and flowers. Can I put them in my lounge area and bed room for decoration? (Brisbane)

A. Live plants and flowers are more useful than artificial plants. But you can not put live plants in the bed room due to scientific reason. Also avoid sharp edged plants and cactus because such types of plants create highly negative energy in the house. Also do not use bonsai plants. It will slow down the progress of your life. You can use colourful flowers in the lounge area and outside of the house in the front side to get the positive energy near entrance.

Q. I have the issue with the marriage of my daughter. She is very selective in some issue and due to some wrong thinking she is now 29. I have also attached the photographs as you reqested. Can you help me solving this issue? (Sydney)

A. First of all remove the poster of “lady standing alone in the desert” from your daughter’s room.Who tell you to put such type of poster in the bedroom of young daughter? As I have mentioned earlier in my article, every poster has some meaning. This poster of your daughter’s room creates highly negative impact in her mind for selecting the proper person. Remove it immediately.  Put red and yellow flowers in pair in the south-west direction, this corner is relationship corner of your daughter. Also put 5 ft height lamp in this corner and start it in the evening for 2 to 3 hours. And please do not use white bulb in it.

Q. I have attached here the plot and house plan. I want to purchase this house as it is in good rate compared to the other properties. The landlord has just completed the house, but due to some financial crisis, he wants to sell in some cheap rate. Please advice me for that. (Adelaide)

A. This plot is not rectangle or square. Opposite to this it has front side broader with total 5 sides and no one side is of the same size. There is no need to check the internal vastu of the house. Please do not even think to purchase this property as this will create extremely negative impact in your life. And you have the example in front of you. The land lord is selling in cheap price due to some financial crisis. It means he has gone through problem after constructing this property. So do not go for this and try to find some good plots.

Q. I like crystaI pyramid. I have purchased it from your web site. It is really good. Where can I put it to get the positive results?( Officer )

A. Crystal pyramid is always good for house. But particularly the pyramid which you have, you can put on your working desk to get good concentration and positive energy.

You can use the same type of pyramid on the desk of your children for their better concentration in study.

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