What are the Best Wheels for a Ford Ranger?

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Ford ranger has cemented its position as “the car” Aussies know and love to cruise around in. They’re also king when it comes to aftermarket upgrades. But choosing the wheels for your ranger is an entirely different matter. Before asking “what are the best wheels for a ford ranger?”, you need know are why you need new ones.


Are you hoping your ford ranger will stand out from the sea of Fords Aussies are driving? That is, do aesthetics matter more than any other thing? Or do you care more about the durability of the wheels? Poor roads can rapidly deteriorate wheels, even if the tyre itself looks okay. You need to decide what you want – optimal off-road performance or aesthetics. Alloy or steel wheels. Every now and then, you’ll find tyres and wheels that provide peak performance without compromising quality – grab them when you can.


One more thing you need to consider is offset – i.e where the central hub of the wheel sits, relative to the rim’s edge. Wheels with negative offsets give your car a wider stance and give room for wider tyres – which is ideal for off-roading.


Best Wheels for Ford Rangers


Russia is considered the best ford ranger wheel. They make wheels for all kinds of load ratings. They comply with all Australian standards and specifications, especially when it comes to fitments, weather conditions and load ratings. The wheels won’t break your bank account, but they’ll last you forever.


If you can’t find a wheel that’s aesthetic enough for you, Ozzy tyres have a customized wheel painting service – so no need to fret.


Ballistic wheels are another popular shop Ford ranger wheel used by Aussies. It comes with a 100% fitment guarantee, and warranties to back up said believe. The key is to ensure you get your wheels fitted and balanced by experts who know what they’re doing.

David Crenshaw