Are Bongs Legal in Australia?

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Online sellers would want to know are bongs legal in Australia. The truth is that it is far from being legal because it is a criminal act to possess one. It is a good thing there are a lot 0f other alternatives to this that are actually legal in Australia. Some people would hide it inside other devices as they are smart like that. The problem is some enforcers are also know how to find these things. As a matter of fact, violators are usually apprehended when going through a checkpoint and they see some people act weirder than usual. It is like being in a trance where you lose track of where you currently are and you would want to get it over with so that you can proceed to the next destination and get high again. When you are a bit high, it would be difficult to act normal in the presence of police officers. Add that to the fact that these people know the smell of drugs. If not, they have some K-9s with them that will do their dirty work and the dogs would pinpoint the location of drugs and before you know it, these dirty cops are already reading your rights and they are excited to put you behind bars. You never know if these guys have some kind of bet going at the police station that would let them have a game with each other to see which one would have the most arrests. It would motivate them to do their job and be good at it too.



We all know how bong shops are fun but unless you want to go to jail then you must not sell or use these things in Australia. You may face harsh consequences when or if you do get caught. You may think you are with people that you trust but they may be after reward money for people who snitches out on these things so it would be a lot better to not risk getting caught. It would be useless to risk getting caught for something like this as you would be harming your reputation in more ways than one. It would be better to seek alternatives that would produce similar effects but you know nobody would say that it is illegal. That would be a lot better than getting afraid of getting put behind bars for the rest of your life.

David Crenshaw