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  1. Beyond INDIA is Australia’s first paper cum magazine which has 3 pages of Telugu Language from Andhra Pradesh, India.
  2. The cut-off date for sending new Advertisement is 28th of every month for insertion in the next month. It is published in the first week of every month.
  3. Advertisers have to send their full details viz. Full Address (no post box no.), land line phone no., fax no. And mobile ph. No.
  4. Advertisers have to deposit money in our bank account which shall be provided at the time of finalising the Ad artwork for insertion.
  5. Ads to be sent in PDF format and minimum 300dpi

Sizes of the Advertisements are:

  1. Matrimonial Ad with maximum 6 lines.
  2. Business Card.
  3. 10 x 10 cms.
  4. Quarter page.
  5. Half page.
  6. Full page.
  7. Double Centre Page.